FreedomWorks Activists Show the World They’re Tired of Pain at the Pump

From Delaware to Washington, and as far away as Germany, Italy, and France, people want lower energy prices. As part of the Gas Price Protest campaign, FreedomWorks has been distributing thousands of bumper stickers that say “It’s the supply, stupid” and “Obama is a pain in my gas.” Both stickers refer to the basic economic issue that if Americans could access their own oil supplies, had better energy policies that included building more refineries, and encouraged the use of alternatives like nuclear energy, energy costs would fall.

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As stickers have gone out the door, pictures have come back in, not to mention requests for many, many more. One activist said “This is the first sticker we’ve ever put on a car.” Another wrote about how he and his wife share their sticker, each vehicle trades off days. (That couple was shipped another immediately.)

All these pictures below go to show that this is not just a nationwide message, this is a global message and a global problem that won’t be solved with a hands-off attitude.

Thanks to everyone for their support, their pictures, and their continued hard work on this important issue as we continue our Gas Price Protest. If you haven’t already, please send your pics to Nan Swift at

Special thanks to:

Judy D., PA
Dirk W., Germany
Lauren D., Virginia
Minnie K., WA
Delores G., GA
Allen P., NC
Molly B., NC
Dave R., PA
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Salon C., CA
JoAnn K.
Jed H., DE
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Campaign Director Brendan Steinhauser