FreedomWorks’ Activists Take Action on SCOTUS Nominee

Since President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, FreedomWorks activists have made more than 110,000 contacts to Senate Democrats’ offices supporting Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented on the strong response from the FreedomWorks activist network:

“Our activist community is thrilled with the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. They believe he is a tremendous pick to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia and that he will uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is why so many of our activists turned out to vote in November. After the amazing response, even by FreedomWorks standards, following Merrick Garland’s nomination, our activists are ready to get this done!”

Since the Supreme Court vacancy, FreedomWorks’ activists made 1.7 million contacts to Senate Republicans urging them to stand firm against nominating President Barack Obama’s lame-duck nomination.