FreedomWorks Activists to Congress: “You Can Go on Recess, but You Can’t Hide”

Washington, DC- FreedomWorks launched an online action center,, as a one-stop-shop resource for activists to hold members of Congress accountable over August recess for their position on defunding ObamaCare.

The action center includes a schedule of existing townhalls, contact information for all Washington and district congressional offices, and suggested talking points for activists to use when contacting their elected officials to demand a townhall. Through a crowd-sourcing strategy, activists can put together a comprehensive townhall calendar by submitting the information they are given by the congressional offices to the site.

Activists are encouraged to contact their representatives’ offices to ask two questions: 1) Are you having a townhall? 2) Do you support the Lee-Meadows letter to defund ObamaCare through the upcoming continuing resolution?

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “Most members of Congress have stopped engaging constituents and defending their policy initiatives. That’s the real outrage here- the inside the beltway resistance to a participatory process where people have a voice. Our action center removes the barriers to this information, by identifying who is already having townhalls, letting activists know where they are, and then calling out the members of Congress who aren’t and demanding one.”

“You can go on recess, but you can’t hide. If you are one of the Republicans turning your back on any opportunity to dismantle ObamaCare before enrollment begins, we want to know your reasons why, and we want to hear them straight from you.”

FreedomWorks will also continue to lend transparency to the debate by maintaining a running list of Senators supporting the efforts of Senators Lee, Cruz, Rubio and Paul, and directing activists to take action by contacting Congressional offices directly. So far, over 12,500 messages have been sent to Senate offices in support of Senator Mike Lee’s letter to defund ObamaCare through the continuing resolution.

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