FreedomWorks Activists Urge Senate Republicans to Select Ron Johnson as Conference Vice Chairman

WASHINGTON, DC- Republicans in the Senate face a critical decision tomorrow to fill the open position of Senate Conference Vice Chairman with either a member of the old-guard establishment or a true fiscal conservative. The position of Vice Chairman holds a lot of influence over the policies pursued by Senate Republicans, and is a pivotal opportunity for grassroots America to have a stronger voice in the Senate.

Before being elected into the Senate, Senator Johnson spent his time in the private sector experiencing how tax and regulatory policies impact small businesses.  He understands that the message of the 2010 revolution was for bold solutions to fix our catastrophic debt problems.

“Senator Johnson is a strong conservative leader and an experienced entrepreneur who can continue to build a fiscal conservative presence in the Senate,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “Americans turned out in historic numbers for the 2010 midterm elections to vote for the ideas of lower taxes and limited government. It’s time to finally give a representative of these values a seat at the table.”

FreedomWorks created an online action center identifying six Senators with a key role in selecting Senator Johnson, including Sen. Rob Portman (OH), Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ), Sen. Dean Heller (NV), Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT), Sen. John Cornyn (TX), and Sen. Dan Coats (IN). Activists can call each office directly through the website and urge them to support Senator Ron Johnson in the Vice Chairman Race.

“The decision boils down to a very simple question for Republicans in the Senate,” added Kibbe, “Are you comfortable voting for business as usual, or is it time for a fresh perspective in the Senate?”