FreedomWorks Also Opposes FISA Amendments Act in Current Form

FreedomWorks affirmed its support for the position the House Freedom Caucus Board has taken to oppose the FISA Amendments Act in its current form. FreedomWorks Director of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs Jason Pye released the following statement:

“It’s great to see constitutional conservatives in the House Republican Conference speak in favor of significant reforms to FISA. It’s clear that Americans are vulnerable and their constitutionally protected rights are under threat by sweeping surveillance powers. Section 702 is especially concerning, as its wide net can easily collect communications of innocent Americans, even though it designed to target non-Americans. Former DNI James Clapper admitted that the program did collect Americans’ emails through the program.

“The programs authorized under FISA should require stricter congressional oversight and greater transparency. There has to be a balance to assess both terrorism and privacy concerns. Granting this surveillance authority indefinitely, as some in Congress want, eliminates the opportunity for Congress to strike a more reasonable and balanced approach to between security and civil liberties.”

FreedomWorks will oppose any attempt to reauthorize FISA permanently in its current form. With Section 702 expiring in December, Congress should take this opportunity to address the many concerns that have been raised about the warrantless collection of information of innocent Americans under a program designed for foreign surveillance. Congressional oversight and direction are needed to address the public’s legitimate concerns about FISA.