FreedomWorks for America Reaches Over 10.43 Million Likely GOP Voters

In the months leading up to the 2014 mid-term election, FreedomWorks for America conducted an aggressive voter outreach campaign reaching over 10,430,500 likely GOP voters in key states including Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Washington, West Virginia, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Utah and Louisiana.

Efforts were led by targeted advertising and outreach on social media, hundreds of thousands of door hangers and yard signs distributed to targeted neighborhoods in key congressional districts, along with hundreds of thousands of phone conversations with likely voters completed by activists nationwide.

FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe commented, “We’ve been working around the clock to educate millions of likely Republican voters on the issues that matter this election cycle, like ObamaCare, civil liberties, and educational freedom. While the GOP consultant class put forward an issueless platform this cycle, we are reminding millions of Americans through person-to-person outreach and targeted content on various technology media that the failed Obama Agenda is on the ballot, and worth turning out to replace.”

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