FreedomWorks for America Releases Online Ad to Set the Record Straight on Thad Cochran

Following attacks on conservative Chris McDaniel, FreedomWorks for America releases ad exposing Thad Cochran’s real record of spending and special interests in Washington

Washington, DC- Conservative Mississippi Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel was attacked by six-term Senator and big-government Republican Thad Cochran over the weekend for attending an event to celebrate liberty and limited government at FreePAC, a gathering of thousands of small-government activists around the country hosted by FreedomWorks in Louisville, KY on Saturday, April 5.

In response, FreedomWorks for America released an online ad exposing all of Thad Cochran’s special interests and spending sprees in Washington.

“I’m not surprised Thad Cochran is confused as to why Chris McDaniel addressed thousands of conservative activists last weekend at FreePAC, considering Cochran has never heard of the tea party,” commented Russ Walker, National Political Director of FreedomWorks for America.

“Clearly, Thad Cochran’s priority interests are with the lobbying class in Washington, not his constituents back home. According to FEC data, only about 6.6 percent of the money raised for Cochran’s campaign this cycle actually came from Mississippi. Nearly 60 percent came from DC and Virginia. Meanwhile, reports that conservative challenger Chris McDaniel receives more than 75% of his campaign donations from individuals, not PACs. The numbers speak for themselves. Thad Cochran needs money from D.C. insiders to fuel his campaign, while Chris McDaniel has the support of the Mississippi grassroots.”

The five-figure “Retire Thad Cochran” online ad buy can be viewed here:

FreedomWorks for America is organizing sign-blitzing, phone banking and neighborhood canvassing efforts across the state leading up to the primary. Over 20,000 yard signs and 60,000 door hangers have been sent to support Chris McDaniel. Tens of thousands of phone calls have been made to targeted voters across the state to-date.

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