FreedomWorks and SBE Council Host FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “The Future of Internet Regulation”

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FreedomWorks and SBE Council Host Speech by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “The Future of Internet Regulation”

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai will give a speech at an event hosted by FreedomWorks and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council on Wednesday, April 26. Other speakers, including FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly, will give remarks on the importance of the reforms Chairman Pai is already implementing at the FCC.

Chairman Pai will deliver remarks on the future of Internet regulation. The Internet represents one-sixth of America’s economy. The FCC’s approach in this new era of leadership should encourage innovation and opportunity for all Americans, including lower-income residents in urban and rural areas, where infrastructure investment and entrepreneurship are increasingly critical.

Who: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon, and SBE Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan

What: The Future of Internet Regulation

When: Wednesday, April 26th, 1:30 p.m.

Where: Live stream at FreedomWorks’ Facebook Page

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