FreedomWorks Applauds Chairman Gowdy, OGR Committee for Hearing on Justice Reform

FreedomWorks president Adam Brandon released the following statement:

"We are encouraged to see Rep. Trey Gowdy use his first hearing as Chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to discuss solutions to our nation’s growing incarceration and recidivism rate.

"The testimonies today echoed what FreedomWorks is hearing through conversations on the Hill this year: a strong desire to act on commonsense reforms to reduce recidivism, save taxpayer dollars, and enhance public safety. We heard success stories from deep red states that not only prove justice reinvestment works, but it also creates a roadmap for others to follow. This includes states like Louisiana, which just passed what we like to call ‘conservative justice reform’ because the policies are rooted in conservative principles.

"Right now, Congress is lagging behind the states, but conservatives on the Hill are leading the way. Last year, for example, bills like the Recidivism Risk Reduction Act, the Sentencing Reform Act, and the Due Process Act successfully passed the House Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support. We will continue to work with partners like Senators Tim Scott, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, and Representatives Thomas Massie and Mark Walker to strengthen opportunities for prisoners re-entering society to ensure they turn away from crime for good."