FreedomWorks Applauds Department of Labor Decision to Expand Association Health Plans

WASHINGTON, DC – FreedomWorks cheers the Department of Labor’s reforms that will allow more Americans to form association health plans. Millions of Americans are unable to purchase affordable health insurance coverage, and the Department of Labor’s decision is a step in the right direction to lower the cost of premiums and expand access to healthcare.

FreedomWorks Director of Policy, Patrick Hedger, commented:

"The problems with American healthcare present a catch 22. Many Americans lack access to affordable insurance coverage while the prevalence of insurance in the overall healthcare market is driving price inflation for both care and premiums, thus reducing access.”

“Obamacare made the situation worse by forcing Americans to buy insurance while simultaneously increasing the role insurance plays by expanding coverage requirements and creating perverse incentives for insurance companies to flood the market with dollars, further raising prices and premiums. This reform by the Department of Labor moves in the exact opposite direction. Allowing more Americans to pool their resources into association health plans that are largely exempt from Obamacare’s regulations will increase insurance coverage options while alleviating some upward pressure on prices and premiums."

FreedomWorks Foundation submitted comments to the Department of Labor in March supporting the proposed rule.

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