FreedomWorks Applauds EPA’s Plan to Revise Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

Following the announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will revise greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards for light-duty vehicles, FreedomWorks Director of Policy Patrick Hedger commented:

“Overreaching, inappropriate EPA regulations had become par for the course for the Obama administration, with GHG emission standards being no exception. The previous administration thought they could micromanage entire industries through executive fiat. Under the Trump administration, however, transparency and embracing markets has thankfully become the new status quo at EPA.”

“The EPA’s announced revisions to GHG emission standards will enable technological innovation, instead of stifle it. Working with the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, the EPA’s efforts under Administrator Scott Pruitt will improve quality, safety, and affordability of automobiles — greatly benefiting consumers and manufacturers alike.”

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