FreedomWorks Applauds Supreme Court Decision in McDonnell v. United States

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in McDonnell v. United States, FreedomWorks Legal Affairs Fellow Curt Levey commented:

“We applaud the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision vacating the conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on federal corruption charges after finding that those charges severely stretched the statutory definition of corruption, while raising due process and federalism concerns. Vague or overly broad criminal laws, whether written that way or stretched by prosecutors, are a threat to both the rule of law and constitutionally limited government. They do not aid law enforcement or make us safer.”

“The job of prosecutors, like other officers in the executive branch, is to objectively enforce the law, not to rewrite or expand the laws to reflect their moral or ideological preferences. The Court’s ruling is an important step towards preventing overly zealous or politically motivated prosecutors from criminalizing routine, helpful actions performed for constituents. It is the voters who should decide whether elected officials are conscientious public servants.”

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