FreedomWorks Applauds White House and Congress for Tackling Welfare Reform

President Trump and congressional Republicans took synchronous steps toward meaningful welfare reform by signing an executive order and introducing a preliminary draft of the Farm Bill, respectively.

FreedomWorks fully supports the White House’s effort to reform welfare and looks forward to working with Congress to expand on the bright spots in the Farm Bill, and to improve upon areas where it can be bettered.

FreedomWorks vice president of legislative affairs, Jason Pye, commented on Trump’s executive order:

“President Trump’s executive order is a great first step in paving the way for substantive welfare reform. The Obama Administration’s policies turned the social safety net into a perpetual cycle of poverty. Work requirements will ensure all welfare recipients obtain the skills needed to provide for themselves, save billions in taxpayer money, and protect resources for the truly needy. Simply put, work requirements work.”

FreedomWorks vice president of legislative affairs, Jason Pye, commented on the Farm Bill:

“Certain provisions within this version of the Farm Bill are encouraging, but there is still plenty of work to be done. The proposed work requirements for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) program will help reduce dependency, promote the dignity of work, and save taxpayer money. It’s a win-win for Americans.”

“Unfortunately, the bill falls short when it comes to the actual farm part- particularly farm subsidies. Commodity subsidies routinely cost taxpayers billions of dollars per year, and are funneled to some of the largest, wealthiest farms. They do not serve to help struggling farmers and are incredibly wasteful.”

President Trump’s executive order calls for strengthened work requirements for able-bodied adults, a shift away from the harmful Obama-era waivers that resulted in record-high numbers of welfare recipients.

Congress followed the White House’s lead by introducing a Farm Bill draft that requires able-bodied adults between 18 and 59 to work or participate in a job training program to receive Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, or food stamps.

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