FreedomWorks Authors Issue Brief Addressing Occupational Licensure Reform for the Formerly Incarcerated

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks released today its issue brief entitled,“Reducing Occupational Licensure as an Obstacle for the Formerly Incarcerated.” Occupational licensure requirements are a major impediment to the formerly incarcerated who strive to reenter society and the economy as productive, law-abiding citizens. FreedomWorks’ Senior Policy Analyst Josh Withrow commented:

"As protectionist and regressive as occupational licensure laws tend to be in the first place, they can stand as a particular obstacle to those who have a criminal record. It has been encouraging to see states realizing this and incorporating occupational licensure reform into their strategies for helping ex-offenders reintegrate as successful members of society. Occupational licensure reform falls under the broader umbrella of criminal justice reform, and FreedomWorks will continue to support policies that advance justice, lower crime rates, and facilitate economic prosperity."