FreedomWorks Backs Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

Following the introduction of the Deterring Undue Enforcement by Protecting Rights of Citizens from Excessive Searches and Seizures Act (Due Process Act), sponsored by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), FreedomWorks Director of Communications Jason Pye commented:

“The rights to private property and due process are precious freedoms that must be protected. Current federal civil asset forfeiture laws do not offer adequate protections for innocent property owners and have resulted in documented cases abuse by overzealous law enforcement agencies at every level of government.”

“The Due Process Act is an important step forward in addressing the serious problems with federal forfeiture laws. Rep. Sensenbrenner’s legislation will offer meaningful protections to innocent property owners. Unfortunately, the bill fails to address the Equitable Sharing Program, which facilitates abuse through federal forfeiture laws. However, the Due Process Act does make needed progress by raising the evidentiary standard needed to subject property to forfeiture, offers long overdue procedural reforms, and codifies the Department of Justice’s administrative changes related to IRS structuring cases. FreedomWorks supports this legislation and urges its consideration by the House Judiciary Committee soon.”

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