FreedomWorks Backs Freedom Caucus: Congress Should Not Clock Out For a Month

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon supported the House Freedom Caucus’ call to stay and work through the August recess:

“Rep. Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus have it right. There’s no way House and Senate leadership should grant a one-month vacation to members who have so much to do.

“One of the typical perks of being a member of the House and Senate is that leadership grants the entire month of August off. You can hold town halls if you want; you can campaign if you want; you can go to Aruba if you want.

“But you don’t go on vacation during crunch time. And if the appropriations bills are not getting done for seven years under two Republican speakers and three years under Leader Mitch McConnell, the vacations have to stop.

“And at this point in the game, fundamental tax reform is at the forefront, and there is a massive amount of work to do. If Republicans are serious about getting something done on tax reform and getting back to a debated, thoughtful budget process, they’ll join the Freedom Caucus in calling for skipping summer vacation this year.”