FreedomWorks: A Balanced Budget Amendment is Nothing More than a “Show Vote”

Washington, D.C.– Shortly after passing a massive $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that blew through spending caps by nearly $300 billion and set the federal government on a trajectory to trillion-dollar deficits as early as 2020, the House is voting on a balanced budget amendment.

FreedomWorks vice president of legislative affairs, Jason Pye, commented:

“This vote is nothing but smoke and mirrors. A balanced budget would be good policy for everyone, but it’s clear that most congressional Republicans have completely abandoned the fiscally conservative rhetoric that gained them the majority in the first place.”

“Using a balanced budget amendment that is unlikely to pass as a ‘show vote’ to appease GOP voters on the campaign trail is a slap in the face to every grassroots conservative activist in the country.”

“If Republican leadership is serious about balancing the budget, they should have started by cutting spending when they had the chance.”