FreedomWorks’ Building Education for Students Together Unveils Parent Lobbying Toolkit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks’ Building Education for Students Together (BEST) is proud to unveil our Parent Toolkit for Lobbying Legislators. This toolkit, the first of its kind, provides parents with a blueprint on how to lobby their legislators and make lasting gains for pro-parent, pro-student legislation.

Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks’ Director of Education Reform, commented:

“No one knows how to advocate for children better than their parents and family. Lobbying might seem like something only done by professionals in Washington D.C., but it is in fact accessible to anyone with the desire to get it done. For years, education reform has been stagnant, but 2021 marked a significant change. If we want to keep up the momentum and make education freedom a reality for all students, the next step in the fight has to be passing smart policy that aligns with the best interests of parents and students.”

“Recognizing that parents lead extremely busy lives, BEST has developed a toolkit that can serve as a quick and easy guide for parents on how to successfully lobby their lawmakers. Hopefully, this toolkit will set parents up for success and empower them to take this movement to the next level.”