FreedomWorks-Bullfinch Group Poll Shows That Conservative Policies Resonate With Hispanic Voters

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recent polling commissioned by FreedomWorks’ Hispanic Grassroots Alliance (HGA) and conducted by The Bullfinch Group reveals that a positive, pro-liberty policy platform, which focuses on what conservatives can do for voters rather than how liberal policies have failed, resonates strongly with Hispanic voters.

“This polling from the Bullfinch Group shows that Hispanic voters favor policies that aim to deliver a strong economy, increase public safety, and make education freedom a reality for all families,” Cesar Ybarra, FreedomWorks Vice President of Policy, commented. “Unsurprisingly, Hispanic voters also share conservatives’ long-held optimism about the future of America, as many of them came here from other countries or have forebears who did so long ago.”

“But if conservatives wants to continue making inroads with these voters ahead of the midterms, we need to heed a key takeaway from this poll: Highlighting the positive facets of our policy platform, rather than attacking liberal policy, is a much more effective way to encourage Hispanic Americans to vote red. Promulgating a conservative policy agenda that is centered around the ideas we have for moving our country positively and brightly into the future will be key to winning over Hispanic voters and retaking the conservative majority in Congress. The good news is that many Hispanic voters already agree with the main policies laid out in the conservative platform–now, it’s just a matter of smart, forward-looking messaging.”

Other highlights from the poll, conducted February 4-8, 2022 include:


  • 58 percent of respondents agree with the conservative stance that prices for certain goods like gasoline should cost less.

Crime and Safety

  • 51 percent of respondents agree with the conservative stance of prioritizing the enforcement of laws to deliver public safety. 
  • 51 percent agree with the conservative stance of increasing support for law enforcement officers.


  • 57 percent of respondents agree with the conservative stance of prioritizing  parental involvement in education.