FreedomWorks Calls Out Pork in Democrats’ Big Government Socialism Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, FreedomWorks published two blog posts dealing with the terrible energy and education provisions in the Democrats’ Big Government Socialism bill. Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“It’s blatantly obvious that Democrats are more interested in scoring points with their radical base than meeting the needs of the American people. While prices of everything from gas to groceries skyrocket, Democrats push their pork-filled Big Government Socialism Bill that will only worsen the problem.

“Families are bracing for a winter where the cost to heat their home is in some cases expected to jump up 54 percent from last year. The Democrats’ massive reconciliation package will only serve to double down on the same Green New Deal Policies that spell doom for once-dependable American energy.

“Rather than provide relief for American families, Washington Democrats are more interested in placating their far-left base with promises of ‘free college.’

“While states across the country have successfully experimented with different ways to incentivize students to attend college, Democrats’ latest proposal would mandate tuition-free community college for any student, regardless of what the student studies. The plan also requires taxpayers to fund the community college for illegal immigrants.

“As the U.S. debt grows closer to $29 trillion by the day and inflation is wildly out of control, the only proposal Democrats can put forward is to spend more money. This $3.5 trillion reconciliation package is nothing more than a grab bag of far-left priorities that the American people do not support.”

FreedomWorks Policy Manager Alex Deise authored an explanation of the “free community college” plan, which can be found here.

FreedomWorks Policy Assistant Kilian Laverty authored an explanation of the Democrats’ green energy plan, which can be found here.


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