FreedomWorks Celebrates US District Court Ruling in Favor of AT&T/Time Warner Merger

Washington, DC – FreedomWorks celebrates today’s U.S. District Court ruling, which allowed the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger to proceed. This ruling will allow the two companies to develop more innovative services for their customers at a lower price.

This decision is a major win for free enterprise. Government agencies should resist involving themselves in private transactions in the marketplace. Companies must be allowed to innovate without the heavy hand of government picking winners and losers. Thankfully, the court’s ruling upheld this principle.

FreedomWorks Director of Policy Patrick Hedger commented:

“Today was a clear victory for the free market. Private entities should be free to expand their range of services and market themselves to consumers on their own terms. The federal government should limit its antitrust actions to actual instances of anti-competitive practices, not simple mergers intended to produce economic growth and innovation.

“It has consistently been the position of FreedomWorks, particularly in regards to the increasingly de-segmented media market, that a transaction in the marketplace reached voluntarily between parties is already a good sign that the transaction serves the public interest.

“The only proven way government has ever fostered increased competition is by getting out of the way. FreedomWorks supports this merger that will get the government out of the way and allow for enhanced competition and technology.”

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