FreedomWorks Cheers Opening of New Broadband Market in New England

WASHINGTON, DC. Expanding the availability of broadband internet to rural communities is a top public policy goal in the states of New England. Broadband expansion takes a serious investment. Fortunately, the market is ready to respond to this need and deliver the super-fast connections that will allow rural citizens to take advantage of the internet.

FairPoint Communications has agreed to purchase Verizon’s wireline operations across New England. FairPoint is planning to invest over $150 million dollars to make broadband internet available to 90 percent of consumers in the region within the next five years.

FreedomWorks believes that competition and investment benefits consumers. The only obstacle standing in the way of modernizing northern New England’s rural broadband infrastructure and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment is over zealous government regulators. Maine and the Federal Communications Commission have already approved the deal.

FreedomWorks has been actively working to tear down government erected regulatory barriers in the telecommunications marketplace for more than 20 years. The campaign in Maine and New Hampshire is the latest effort to promote competition in this important industry.

In support of the consumers interests, FreedomWorks members testified before ……in support of the agreement asked that bureaucrats not get in the way. Activists from across northern New England called the Public Utilities Commission to let their opinions be heard.

FreedomWorks launched a series of print and radio ads in support of the deal between Verizon and FairPoint. (Listen here)