WASHINGTON, D.C.– FreedomWorks cheers Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R – Ohio) decision to enter the race for Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rep. Jordan announced his candidacy for Speaker in a dear colleague letter this morning.

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“FreedomWorks, along with conservatives across the country today applaud Rep. Jordan’s announcement that he will run for Speaker. A Speaker Jordan will ensure that House Republicans finally make good on the promises they have made for years on the campaign trail– to balance the budget and hold bureaucratic agencies accountable.

“FreedomWorks is dedicated to supporting Rep. Jordan in his bid for the Speakership. In recent months, our grassroots activist community has sent more than 75,000 phone calls, tweets, and letters to their representatives in support of Rep. Jordan for Speaker. A recent FreedomWorks poll showed that 99.2 percent of its grassroots community support Rep. Jordan for Speaker.

“Now, FreedomWorks plans to spend at least half-a-million dollars in an extensive campaign to elect a strong conservative, Rep. Jordan, the next Speaker of the House. We look forward to welcoming more than 1,000 members of our grassroots activist community to FreedomWorks’ September Day of Action on the Capitol’s West Lawn in support of Rep. Jordan.

“Rep. Jordan made clear in his announcement that if elected, he would return control of the House agenda to individual members and committee chairs. Between holding votes on issues Republicans campaign on and decentralizing power within the House, a Speaker Jordan would succeed where Speaker Ryan has failed. Far removed from the corrupt Washington establishment, Jim Jordan is a man committed to draining the Swamp.”