FreedomWorks Cheers Supreme Court Decision in JANUS v. AFSCME

WASHINGTON, DC – FreedomWorks cheers this morning’s Supreme Court decision in JANUS v. AFSCME which ruled that workers cannot be forced to join unions. The decision affirms the right of workers to freely associate and negotiate with their employer, without mediation by labor unions. The decision is a major victory for the rights of the individual and American workers.

Patrick Hedger, FreedomWorks Director of Policy, commented:

“This is an all-around win for freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom of association. Free markets. It is ludicrous to think we lived in a time before this decision, when some third-party claimed to speak on your behalf and then garnished some of your wages as a condition of your livelihood, backed by the force of government. Thankfully those days are now over. If modern unions are so great for workers, then they ought to not be afraid of letting people freely vote with their wallets and feet.”