FreedomWorks to Congress: Pass a Short-Term Continuing Resolution

FreedomWorks today called on House Republican leaders to pass a clean, short-term continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded through early 2017. The current continuing resolution is set to expire on December 9 while Congress is in a lame-duck session.

“There is no reason to negotiate with Democrats on this. Republicans will return in the next Congress with their majorities intact, and a Republican president will soon to enter the White House,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “Not only will Republicans have control of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, Democrats are in disarray. Nancy Pelosi is under fire in her own conference, Harry Reid is retiring, and Barack Obama will soon be out of the White House.”

The results of the presidential election have changed the circumstances surrounding a lame-duck session. House and Senate leadership are deliberating whether they will pass a short- or long-term continuing resolution or a costly, pork-filled omnibus spending bill.

“There is no need for a debate on which direction to go,” Brandon said. “Congress should pass a short-term continuing resolution as quickly as possible and adjourn.”

“With our country facing anemic economic growth, the incoming administration and Congress should not be hamstrung by bad deals made by the previous one. On November 8, the American people made their voice heard, and they voted for a change in direction. Now it falls on Republican leaders in the House and Senate to listen to the electorate and enact the bold, conservative economic reforms our country so desperately needs,” Brandon added.

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