FreedomWorks to EEOC: Gadsden Flag Is a Symbol of the Inalienable Rights of All People

Following reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is investigating a complaint that the Gadsden flag, a historic symbol of the American Revolution, is racially insensitive, FreedomWorks National Director of Campaigns Noah Wall commented:

“FreedomWorks proudly distributes materials nationwide that display the Gadsden flag, and we have no intention of stopping. If anything, this investigation should embolden those who wish to display a flag that says, ‘Don’t Tread on Me.’”

“The actions of the EEOC are absolutely ridiculous. The Gadsden flag has long been a symbol of our rights as Americans. It was created in opposition to British tyranny and has remained a proud banner of individual freedom. This flag is representative of the inalienable rights of all people that caused us to embark on this unique experiment that is America.”

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