FreedomWorks Efforts Critical to Defeating Virginia Minimum Wage Hike in State Senate

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to S.B. 1200, a bill that sought to institute a $15 minimum wage, FreedomWorks activists drove nearly 3,000 messages to Virginia state legislators urging them to oppose the bill. The bill was supported by a variety of Virginia progressive organizations and labor unions. On Sunday, the bill was defeated by a vote of 19-21 on the senate floor. Two senators who had previously voted the bill out of committee opposed the bill in the final floor vote.

Noah Wall, FreedomWorks Vice President of Advocacy commented:

“As we’ve seen in New York, Seattle, and DC, minimum wage hikes are fundamentally flawed and do more harm than good to the very people they are supposed to help.”

“A $15 minimum wage is essentially a tax on small businesses. By artificially raising hiring costs, businesses are forced to hire fewer employees, while at the same time reducing payable hours for current employees. Small businesses owners and employees alike are the ones that suffer most from top down economic policies such as an arbitrary $15 per hour minimum wage.”

“FreedomWorks is proud to have led the fight against this economically flawed piece of legislation that was rushed onto the floor late last week for a vote.”