FreedomWorks Encouraged by FCC Efforts to Accelerate Broadband Deployment

Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that seeks to promote broadband deployment by ensuring that local franchise laws do not hamper the rollout of new technologies that allow new cable providers to enter the market.

“Currently, new cable providers may face difficulties trying to break into the marketplace and compete with incumbent cable providers,” said Wayne Brough, chief economist and Vice President for Research with FreedomWorks. “With this rulemaking, the FCC has the opportunity to ensure that unreasonable barriers to entry do not deter competition in the provision of cable services.”

“This is good news for consumers,” noted Brough. “Technologies exist today that can bring innovative products and new services to households across the country. Unfortunately outdated laws that were designed to regulate yesterday’s technologies are keeping these developments out of the hands of the consumer. The existing franchising process can make it difficult to deploy broadband networks, leaving consumers with fewer choices and limited technologies.”

FreedomWorks has been a long-time advocate of reforming the nation’s telecommunications policies to create a more competitive and dynamic marketplace that can provide consumers with the latest technologies at the lowest prices. Today’s announcement by the FCC is a welcome step in that direction.