FreedomWorks, Faith & Freedom Coalition Support House Justice Reform Efforts

FreedomWorks, in conjunction with the Faith and Freedom Coalition, today reiterated their support for the current versions of the Sentencing Reform Act (H.R. 3713), the Recidivism Risk Reduction Act (H.R. 759) and the Criminal Code Improvement Act (H.R. 4002) by pledging to issue “key vote” alerts to House members should the bills go to the floor for a vote.

With as many as one in three Americans bearing a criminal record, it’s clear that our justice system is failing and in need of reform.

These bills would promote public safety, update our system from an ineffective, one-size-fits-all sentencing protocol, implement re-entry reforms that have proven successful in conservative states, restore due process and reverse the epidemic of over-criminalization that currently haunts criminal statutes.

“Our justice system is in crisis. Our prison populations and budgets have ballooned out of control. Americans are being crippled by sentences disproportional to their crime,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “Our system should rehabilitate and reform those in need, not warehouse nonviolent offenders and burden our nation.”

“Families and communities are the cornerstone of our nation, and our current justice system is tearing them apart. Ninety-five percent of all incarcerated individuals eventually will re-enter society, and these bills will ensure that they have the resources they need to be productive citizens and avoid future pitfalls,” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Tim Head. “We commend House Speaker Paul Ryan for his support, and we’re eager to work with him and other House leadership to approve this legislation and send it to the Senate.”

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