FreedomWorks Foundation Cheers OMB Announcement that Trump Administration’s Regulatory Reforms have Resulted in $23 Billion in Cost Savings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Office of Management and Budget’s announcement today that the Trump Administration’s regulatory reform efforts have led to a total of $33 billion in cost savings, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks Foundation President, commented:

“For the first time in decades, we are witnessing the reining in of the administrative state. This comes as a result of 176 deregulatory actions by the Trump administration in FY 2018, leading to a net $33 billion in savings since taking office. Compared to President Obama, whose administration had imposed a net $245 billion in costs by this point in his first term, this is a great step forward for supporters of small-government.”

“Our activists have submitted over 75,000 comments over the last year in support of several regulatory reform efforts of this administration. FreedomWorks Foundation will continue to push for further deregulatory actions by the Trump administration. You can almost hear the miles of red tape hitting the floor beneath sharpened blades of deregulation. This is good news for the American taxpayer and economy.”