FreedomWorks Foundation Looks Forward to Supporting Final Restoring Internet Freedom Order

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai circulated copies of the final Restoring Internet Freedom Order with his fellow commissioners. Tomorrow, copies will be made available to the public. This is a full three weeks prior to the vote on the proposal, an unprecedented level of transparency compared to the previous administration. The order is expected to reverse the 2015 FCC order subjecting internet service providers to vague and burdensome standards of public utility regulation under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. The specter of Title II regulation has already killed upwards of $125 billion in broadband infrastructure deployment.

The Director of FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center Ken Cuccinelli offered the following comments:

“This Thanksgiving, we are truly thankful for Republican leadership at FCC under Chairman Pai. From all we’ve heard, this order will go a long way in restoring regulation of the internet back to the bipartisan light-touch framework that worked for two decades prior to the unprecedented and unnecessary 2015 order.

“So far, Chairman Pai and the other GOP commissioners at the FCC have shown a dedication to smart, evidenced-based, regulation that adheres to Congressional intent, rather than rogue-regulating based on speculation and fear. This is why we can confidently say we anticipate continuing our full support of FCC’s efforts to Restore Internet Freedom after we’ve had a chance to review the final order ourselves.”

"In my previous capacity as the Attorney General of Virginia, I led the states’ successful effort to help defeat the first round of so-called ‘net neutrality’. After that victory for Internet freedom, the previous administration tried again to impose unprecedented government regulation on the Internet through the FCC’s 2015 order. As a freedom-loving American and as the head of the Regulatory Action Center at FreedomWorks Foundation, I am very excited to see Chairman Pai advancing the causes of freedom and opportunity with the internal release of the proposed Restoring Internet Freedom Order. I look forward to living with a freer Internet soon, and one that once again attracts investment as an engine of productivity and growth."

FreedomWorks Foundation activists submitted nearly 30,000 comments in support of the proposed Restoring Internet Freedom order this summer.

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