FreedomWorks Foundation Praises Scott Pruitt’s Record at EPA

FreedomWorks Foundation continues to support the leadership of Administrator Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During Pruitt’s tenure, EPA has led the way in terms of administration-wide regulatory reform efforts, accounting for roughly a third of total Trump administration deregulatory actions, implementing critical checks on agency rulemaking processes, and relieving Americans of more than $1 billion in regulatory costs.

In the coming months, FreedomWorks Foundation expects Pruitt’s EPA to continue its impressive record by finalizing repeal of the so-called Clean Power Plan, the unilateral and unconstitutional $40 billion per year cap-and-trade scheme, and rollback the Waters of the United States rule, the massive federal land-grab that redefined ditches and puddles as “navigable” waterways.

FreedomWorks Foundation President Adam Brandon and Director of the Regulatory Action Center Ken Cuccinelli offered the following comments:

Adam Brandon: “Scott Pruitt has worked hard to return the EPA to its core mission: protecting the environment as directed by Congress; instead of the rogue assault on the rule of law, freedom, and the economy that we saw in the prior administration.”

Ken Cuccinelli: “Unlike his predecessors, EPA Administrator Pruitt has core environmental accomplishments to his credit: like actually making progress on the long-dormant superfund sites and attacking the problem of lead in drinking water. These are basic responsibilities for the EPA, yet they were abject failures prior to Pruitt’s arrival.”

FreedomWorks Foundation looks forward to continued support of Administrator Pruitt’s regulatory agenda.