FreedomWorks Foundation Sends Comments to FCC on Proposed Privacy Rules

FreedomWorks Foundation sent comments on Friday in response to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) proposed privacy rules for Internet service providers (ISPs). The rules, introduced in March, limit the ability of ISPs to share data about consumers’ online habits and personal information without their permission.

“Obviously, privacy is a paramount concern for consumers. But there may be better alternatives to the rules the FCC has proposed,” said FreedomWorks Foundation Chief Economist Wayne Brough. “The FCC must conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the proposed rules, the burden of which will be passed on to consumers, before implementation and identify a market failure. While the FCC is proposing privacy protections for Internet service providers, the Federal Trade Commission will continue to regulate those who provide content online. The lack of uniformity could confuse consumers.”

“Rather than create a costly separate standard that will confuse end users, the FCC should work with the FTC to develop a uniform privacy standards that work for consumers, ISPs, and content providers,” he added.

FreedomWorks Foundation’s comments to the FCC on the proposed privacy rule are available here.

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