FreedomWorks Foundation Sends Comments to FCC on White Space Internet

FreedomWorks Foundation filed comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday regarding spectrum regulations for TV white space Internet services. If permitted by the FCC, private firms could offer wireless broadband to people living in areas lacking internet infrastructure. The FCC is considering a hearing on white space in July that could lead to wider broadband accessibility in the future.

“TV White Space is an innovative solution for boosting Internet usage and market competition,
said FreedomWorks Foundation Chief Economist Wayne Brough. “It’s unique in that its likely market share lies among people who currently cannot access the Internet, specifically in rural areas. The FCC should consider allowing private, for profit white space services to provide cheap and reliable internet connection.”

FreedomWorks Foundation’s comments to the FCC on TV white spaces are available here.

Recently appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai believes that deregulation of internet services will energize private investment and innovation. FreedomWorks supports any market-based initiatives that lead to improved services and competition.