FreedomWorks Foundation Statement in Response to FCC Plan to Liberate C-band Spectrum

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai rolling out his plan to free up 280 MHz of C-band spectrum for 5G services, Dan Savickas, FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Policy Manager, commented:

“Chairman Pai’s tenure as chairman of the FCC has been characterized by his willingness to allow the market to innovate and compete both here at home and globally. His announcement regarding C-band spectrum is yet another step in that direction. Making the lower 280 MHz of the C-band available for flexible use will help secure U.S. leadership in the 5G space while making it easier to provide faster service for all Americans.

“This proposal also ensures that incumbent satellite companies are protected and can continue providing the services they are offering today. Our nation is entering an exciting technological age and Chairman Pai’s leadership will make sure that that era arrives faster and with less government intrusion in the marketplace. FreedomWorks applauds the work of all involved.”