FreedomWorks Foundation Statement in Response to the FCC’s Remand Order

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) clarification of its authority in its 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order, Dan Savickas, FreedomWorks’ Regulatory Policy Manager, commented:

“We are very glad the FCC is moving forward with this order. This latest clarification reaffirms the successful light touch regulatory framework that allowed the internet to grow and thrive. This order will lead to continued investment in America’s broadband, which will lead to better products and services for the American people and bolstered public safety.

“We are also proud that FreedomWorks activists submitted nearly 3,000 comments to the FCC to counter the opportunists who wanted to use this chance for clarification to repeal the Restoring Internet Freedom Order altogether. Our grassroots activists across the country recognize the importance of reduced regulation and increased investment for their lives.”