FreedomWorks Foundation Statement on Supreme Court Hearing in United States v. Texas

Following oral arguments at the Supreme Court in United States v. Texas, FreedomWorks Foundation Executive Director Curt Levey commented:

"What’s at stake in this case is a lot more than immigration policy or this president’s disputes with Congress. The outcome will determine the vitality of the constitutional separation of powers, impact future presidencies for generations to come, and have implications well beyond executive orders. The expanding and increasingly controversial powers of the regulatory state, from the EPA to the IRS, are also on the line in this case because they involve the same legal issues concerning an overreaching executive branch.”

"With so much on the line today, Republican senators cannot help but be reminded of the importance of filling Justice Scalia’s seat with someone similarly devoted to a faithful interpretation of the Constitution, including its limits on executive power. The four liberal justices on the Court who may be sympathetic to President Obama’s defiant stretching of executive authority are cause for concern. Allowing President Obama to put a fifth such liberal on the Court would be a constitutional disaster."

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