FreedomWorks Foundation Supports Pruitt’s Proposed End to EPA ‘Secret Science’

Today, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a proposed rule to end the practice of "secret science" at the agency.

Increasingly, the EPA has implemented expansive and expensive regulations without fully disclosing the data and methodology used to justify these new rules. The so-called "Clean Power Plan" of 2015, which by EPA’s own estimates would impose regulatory costs of roughly $40 billion per year, was justified by citing such undisclosed scientific studies.

FreedomWorks Foundation President Adam Brandon commented:

"From elementary school science classes through doctoral-level nuclear physics courses, we tell students to show their work. Why should the EPA be any different?

“It’s astounding that the EPA -of all agencies- has completely abandoned the scientific method. It’s an insult to the scientific community and the American people, who have a legal right to a thorough review of the record behind agency rulemakings.

“FreedomWorks Foundation supports this long-overdue rule change and we look forward to watching the self-appointed ‘pro-science’ progressive left twist themselves into pretzels in opposition."

FreedomWorks Foundation plans to support Scott Pruitt’s efforts by educating and driving citizen-activist comments in support of this proposed rule.

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