FreedomWorks Foundation Urges States to Cease Compliance with Costly EPA Regulations

Following the release of a letter from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to the National Governors Association, in which he urged states to cease compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan regulations, FreedomWorks Foundation Executive Director Curt Levey commented:

“The Supreme Court has already issued a stay against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, so there’s no reason for states to continue to comply with these costly anti-coal regulations until the case brought by 27 attorneys general is resolved by the federal courts. To the contrary, states have a lot to lose by complying because the Clean Power Plan will cost their economies jobs and cause consumers’ power rates to rise. No state has ever regulated its way into prosperity.”

“We hope that states will heed Leader McConnell’s advice and stop working on compliance with the EPA’s war on the coal industry. States that fail to take his advice risk having so much invested in costly compliance plans that they will be unable to turn back if and when the courts strike down the legally dubious Clean Power Plan. States should not fall into the trap of aiding and abetting the EPA’s use of its plan to expand its power and shove its climate change agenda down the throats of the states and the American people.”

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