FreedomWorks Foundation’s CEF Dispels Myths Surrounding Retirement Readiness

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks Foundation’s Center for Economic Freedom (CEF) announces today the completion of its Retirement Readiness video series. The seven-video series provides a myth vs. fact analysis of how America’s seniors can best prepare for retirement in this day and age.

Clara Del Villar, FreedomWorks Foundation’s Director of Senior Initiatives, commented:

“In today’s uncertain times, it is more critical than ever for Americans to be prepared for retirement. Seniors cannot and should not place all of their trust in Social Security to provide for their retirement. This means they must be equipped with all the right options to save wisely.

“Our myth vs. fact video series does an excellent job of giving seniors a clear picture of how best to maximize their retirement readiness through market and private-sector options such as 401(k)s, IRAs, and even USAs.”

Each of the videos in the Retirement Readiness Series can be found below:

Myth vs. Fact #1: It’s ALWAYS a Good Idea to Save for the Future

Myth vs. Fact #2: Market Volatility Is No Reason to Stop Planning for the Future

Myth vs. Fact #3: You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor to Invest for Retirement

Myth vs. Fact #4: It’s Easier Than Ever for Small Businesses to Set Up Retirement Plans

Myth vs. Fact #5: A FALSE Sense of Social Security

Myth vs. Fact #6: Expanding Social Security Is NOT the Answer

Myth vs. Fact #7: It’s NEVER Too Late to Invest for the Future

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