FreedomWorks Hails the Signing of Michigan Civil Forfeiture Reforms

On Tuesday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a package of seven civil asset forfeiture reform bills into law. The bills, which were ushered through the Michigan Legislature with strong bipartisan support, offer crucial protections for innocent property owners and promote transparency and uniformity.

Following the signing of the bills, FreedomWorks National Grassroots Coordinator Noah Wall commented:

“It’s a great day for property rights in Michigan. This package of reforms is an excellent first step toward addressing abuse of forfeiture laws in the state. We thank House Judiciary Committee Chair Klint Kesto and Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Rick Jones for their work on this package of forfeiture reforms, as well as Governor Snyder for signing the bills into law. We look forward to working with state lawmakers on additional efforts to reform the justice system.”

“Mobilizing our community on this issue was an easy choice. With so many stories of abuse coming out of Michigan, our activists demanded action. FreedomWorks activists in the Great Lake State sent more than 2,000 messages in support of forfeiture reform to state senators as it worked through the chamber.”

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