FreedomWorks to Host Three-Part Event on Pro-Growth Economic Policies, Battling the Regulatory State at RNC

FreedomWorks will host a three-part event in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, July 19 during the Republican National Convention. At 11:30 am, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon and Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore will join Dr. Arthur Laffer and Larry Kudlow of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder for a discussion on pro-growth economic policies, including tax reform and entitlement reform.

The second part of the event is a debate over economic policy featuring Stephen Moore and Center for American Progress Senior Fellow David Madland. With a union-led campaign in Cleveland to raise the local minimum wage to $15 per hour, the debate provides a platform to inject serious economic discussion from two very different perspectives. Peter Schroeder of The Hill will moderate the debate.

The concluding panel of the day will feature Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia and director and general counsel of FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center, and three current attorneys general – Adam Laxalt (R-Nev.), Patrick Morrisey (R-W.V.), and E. Scott Pruitt (R-Okla.) – for a discussion on the growth of the federal regulatory state, the costly expansion of government it represents, and how to effectively fight it.

Lunch will be provided at the event.

Who: FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore, Dr. Arthur Laffer, Larry Kudlow, CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder, Director and General Counsel of FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R-Nev.), Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R-W.V.), and Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt (R-Okla.)

What: FreedomWorks at the Republican National Convention

When: Tuesday, July 19, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Where: Van Sweringen Arcade at Hyde Park, 123 W. Prospect Street, Cleveland, OH 44115

Interested journalists should RSVP to Jason Pye at

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