FreedomWorks: The House and Senate Must Be Committed to Congressional Review of Regulations

Following the introduction of legislation by House and Senate Democrats to repeal the Congressional Review Act (CRA), FreedomWorks Director of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs Jason Pye commented:

"FreedomWorks will oppose any effort in Congress to repeal or undermine the Congressional Review Act. This 1996 law, the product of a bipartisan effort between then-Sens. Don Nickles and Harry Reid, was a step toward holding the federal regulatory state accountable when it overstepped. Until this year, unfortunately, the law had been rarely used. We’ve been happy to see the CRA used so aggressively by this Congress.

"As Harry Reid points out in his final speech in the Senate, he and his Republican counterpart, Sen. Nickles, ‘knew that the administrations would change and it would affect every president, Democrat and Republican.’ He goes on to describe the legislation as ‘fair,’ and he is right. The CRA is a fair law that simply provides Congress with some additional oversight of the regulatory state.

"Really, Congress should be considering ways to strengthen the CRA. The House has already passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act and the REINS Act. It’s time for the Senate to act on these bills and reclaim their legislative power from unelected bureaucrats."