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FreedomWorks Joins Free Market Coalition to Oppose New Net Neutrality Regulations


FreedomWorks has joined efforts with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Discovery Institute, the Heartland Institute, and the Heritage Foundation to file comments opposing the FCC’s proposed rules to create new regulations on the internet in the name of net neutrality. 


With these joint comments the coalition wishes to express grave concern about the proposed rules, which we believe are unnecessary and may actually harm both the Internet and consumers.


FreedomWorks believes that the internet is dynamic and constantly evolving.  Imposing regulations will impede innovation and investment by broadband providers, threatening both broadband deployment and network management.


FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe added, “As the Internet continues to develop it will play an even more critical role in our lives. The elephant in the room of this debate is that new Internet applications, from moving X-ray images between hospitals to watching movies, will require more bandwidth and investment. The proposed net neutrality regulations would stall new investment by giving bureaucrats ultimate authority over Internet innovation.  That’s the wrong approach. The internet has been a success because it evolved relatively free from government regulation, and delivering the next generation of services requires innovation, not regulation.” 


The comments of the free market coalition have been posted to the FreedomWorks website and are available at


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