FreedomWorks Launches Campaign Against Abuses of Union Power

Washington, DC – Today, on behalf of hardworking taxpayers all over the country, FreedomWorks announced a major campaign targeting the rampant abuse of power that organized labor has engaged at the state and federal level to impact elections and the public policy making process.

For far too long, public employee unions have leveraged vast political dollars through forced membership dues and corruption to serve their own special interests.  Their agenda has principally rewarded elitist union bosses while hurting small and medium size businesses as well as the American taxpayer.

FreedomWorks campaign targeting the Unions will build on momentum of successful efforts that the group has helped to foster in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee.  In these states  the forces of organized labor have already been dealt a severe blow thanks to conservative, limited government reforms that will gut their power and political clout.  In the process, Leftist Unions are spending millions to try and combat the Right in these states; dollars traditionally spent in election years to try and elect pro-Union candidates.

The budget for the first phase of the campaign is $5.6 million, and will include organized grassroots rallies and protest activities to counter union events in addition to paid TV and online video ads.  The primary focus of the campaign will begin in Ohio, with Wisconsin, Tennessee, with other states soon to follow.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “Union intimidation and strong-arm tactics have hijacked the public policy-making process for years.  Thanks to the rise of the Tea Party however, the momentum is now on our side and conservatives and independents are ready to go toe-to-toe with organized labor.  Our campaign this year will serve to not only put constructive reforms in place that curb abuses of public employee union power and protect taxpayers, it will drain the Unions’ political coffers headed into a critical election year.”

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