FreedomWorks Launches Campaign Against Secret Socialized Medicine Provision in Budget

Washington, DC –  Included in President Obama’s budget is a $635 billion ‘down payment’ for health care reform.  President Obama does not get into details on what his healthcare reform would be, but he never the less asks for hundreds of billions of dollars to be pre-approved for it.  This money would no doubt be used to centralize health care decisions with bureaucrats in Washington and expand bankrupt entitlements programs.

This week the Senate and House will vote on Congressional Budget Resolutions.  Knowing that it will be hard to socialize medicine, Congress is seeking to avoid a debate by inserting language in the budget bill to circumvent traditional debating procedures in order to sneak government run healthcare through Congress. 

FreedomWorks is fighting this stealth proposal by alerting its grassroots network to oppose the upcoming Budget Resolution through grassroots lobbying and generating calls and emails in targeted districts.  FreedomWorks will also run an internet campaign on the Drudge Report, Hot Air, Ann Coulter, and Rasmussen Reports. 
FreedomWorks will target “Blue Dog” Democrats in Congress, particularly Senators Bingaman (NM), Dorgan (ND), Conrad (ND), Johnson (SD), Nelson (NE), McCaskill (MO), Lincoln (AR), Pryor (AR), and Webb (VA).  These lawmakers claim to be fiscally responsible, and the Congressional Budget Resolutions now before them represent everything they publicly stand against — more debt, bigger deficits and an expansion of government entitlements. 

Voters will know where these legislators stand on this critical fiscal issue.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented:

“It has taken 226 years for the United States to build up an $11 trillion federal debt, but President Obama’s proposed budget will take just five years to double it.  Fiscal conservatism is not spending money you do not have, and not making financial commitments you can not keep.  The Budget Resolution will allow the government to take over health care, one sixth of the economy, with minimal debate, and handing over a blank check for an undefined program is the height of irresponsibility.”


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