FreedomWorks Launches “Draft Jim Jordan” Campaign for House Speaker

Thousands of FreedomWorks activists nationwide are calling on Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04) to run for Speaker of the House to fill the void left by retiring Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-01).

In less than 24 hours, conservatives have taken more than 8,000 grassroots actions to contact their representatives and voice support for a Jordan speakership campaign on social media, using the hashtag #SpeakerJordan.

FreedomWorks president and CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Jim Jordan is the only name that received unanimous consent from the FreedomWorks Activist Advisory Council. The level of grassroots energy surrounding a Jordan speakership campaign is something we haven’t seen in years. It indicates to us that selecting a truly conservative speaker would change the entire momentum of the 2018 midterm election cycle.”

“Our activists believe this speakership campaign is the battle that will determine the future of the Republican Party. If Republicans in Congress really want to see the swamp drain, Rep. Jordan is the guy that’s going to work with President Trump to get it done.”

“A House with Speaker Jordan at the gavel would actually pass laws, stand on principle, and cut spending. Speaker Jordan would make Congress work again.”

The path to victory for a true conservative to be selected for House leadership is a challenge, but FreedomWorks is committing its full institutional support behind Rep. Jim Jordan.