FreedomWorks Launches “Make D.C. Maryland Again” Campaign as Part of “We the People” Week in Opposition to H.R. 1

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As a part of “We the People” week in opposition to H.R. 1, FreedomWorks today launches our “Make D.C. Maryland Again” campaign, which aims to achieve representation for D.C. residents in Congress by giving parts of the district back to Maryland.

FreedomWorks President, Adam Brandon, commented:

“D.C. residents deserve to have equal representation in Congress, but making D.C. a state is not the way to achieve this–in fact, doing so would be a blatant violation of the Constitution. This is a fact that the left is all too eager to brush to the side. That’s why the best, most realistic path to guaranteeing representation for the residents of D.C. includes returning the majority of the District of Columbia back to Maryland. Rep. Dusty Johnson’s (R-S.D.) bill, The District of Columbia-Maryland Reunion Act, (H.R. 472) would do all of this."


Wednesday, April 7: FreedomWorks will hold a virtual press conference with key black American leaders, including Dr. Alveda King, Rev. CL Bryant, and Dr. Carol Swain. These individuals aim to condemn the reckless and dangerous rhetoric surrounding H.R. 1, and call out liberal advocates for cheapening the memory of the Civil Rights movement by their lies and smears of widely popular election reform measures.

Thursday, April 8: FreedomWorks will launch Hulu ads against H.R. 1 in West Virginia. These ads will target persuadable, moderate, and liberal voters. Constituents will be encouraged to call Senator Joe Manchin and ask him to put the Constitution and the right to dissent ahead of raw political interest. FreedomWorks will also convene a webinar with numerous activists, coalition allies, and renowned pollster Scott Rasmussen, in which he will share polling data on H.R. 1 and put to rest the notion that this is a popular bill.

Friday, April 9: FreedomWorks will once again highlight its positive focus, and remind lawmakers why Americans deserve actual solutions that strengthen the electoral process and ensure equal and fair representation. FreedomWorks will highlight these solutions in its weekly podcast.


Monday-Friday: FreedomWorks activists will receive communications to drive phone calls and petition signatures against H.R. 1, in support of election security, and in support of the filibuster.


Saturday (April 3): 10 AM-12 PM MT Peoria Patriot Rally
Tuesday: 6:30-7:30 PM MT Patriot Party of Arizona Meeting
Wednesday: TBD Sun City Republican Office
Thursday: 6 PM MT Gilbert Activist Meeting

Monday: Postcard drop off at Sen. Portman’s office, Toledo
Wednesday: Postcard event, Cleveland
Friday: Postcard drop off at Sen. Portman’s office, Columbus and Cincinnati

Wednesday: 2 PM CT Postcard and sign-making party, San Antonio
Thursday: 3 PM CT postcard and petition dropoff, Sen. Cruz’s office, San Antonio

West Virginia:
Saturday (April 3): 1 PM ET Just Say No, Joe rally, Martinsburg
Wednesday: Peer-to-peer texting campaign to promote the West Virginia advertising