FreedomWorks Leads Grassroots Outcry in Property Tax Debate

FreedomWorks, the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Cyber Coalition (PTCC) and other grassroots organizations prevented planned legislative maneuvers to avoid a full debate about school property tax reform.

Last week, the House planned to debate only two bills on the House Floor, HB 1600 & HB 1489. The leadership also decided to allow debate for only one day. But free market activists spoke out loud and clear and demanded the HB 1275 must also be part of the debate which was held in committee. HB 1275 is the only bill that offers full elimination of school property taxes and spending controls.

Under an onslaught of phone calls and emails from FreedomWorks members and other activists, support for the legislative scheme quickly evaporated. The House decided to set aside the week of January 28th for a full debate on school property tax which will include all alternative proposals. In fact, HB 1600 & HB 1489 might also be losing support. According to PTCC Administrator Dave Baldinger, “Many of the members know that these bills will be regarded by the public as another Act 1 and do not want to be associated with another scam.”

FreedomWorks activists demanded that a full debate was required and that all options should be considered. Pennsylvania Field Coordinator Joe Hilliard stated, “The property tax situation requires major reform and a big fix. We just wanted all proposals to be fully debated in the public and in the media, as well as on the House floor.” He continued, “Legislative maneuvering and back room, overnight deals are inadequate to produce real reform. I am surprised that Harrisburg politicians still have not learned from the Midnight Pay Raise Fiasco. The days of secret maneuvers are over and the public is watching.”

Dave Baldinger of the PTCC added, “The message from taxpayers and voters must be loud and clear. Eliminate school property taxes now or we will eliminate your job in 2008!”

FreedomWorks is a national grassroots organization that advocates for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. FreedomWorks has over 800,000 members across the United States. There are 5,000 members in Pennsylvania.