FreedomWorks Names Member and Bill of the Month for December 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, FreedomWorks announced Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) as our Member of the Month for December 2020 and Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) “Keep Nine” Constitutional Amendment, S.J.Res. 76, as our Bill of the Month for December 2020. Jason Pye, FreedomWorks Vice President of Legislative Affairs, commented:

“As we come upon the expiration of the current continuing resolution and the fiscal battles that come with funding the federal government, we are proud to have a strong conservative ally like Rep. Jason Smith in Congress. His recent selection to be ranking member of the House Budget Committee gives us hope for positive influences on our fiscal policy in the new Congress.

“On the other side of the Capitol, Sen. Ted Cruz continues to be a champion for constitutional conservatism. His recent ‘Keep Nine’ Amendment seeks to create a constitutional backstop against ‘court packing’ by enshrining the number of Supreme Court justices at nine. With so much talk on the left of radically changing the structure of our nation’s highest court for political purposes, this is simply essential to protecting our institutions.”

Of his “Keep Nine” Amendment and its selection as FreedomWorks’ Bill of the Month for December 2020, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) commented:

“Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will undermine our fundamental freedoms: our religious liberty, our freedom of speech, and our Second Amendment. My constitutional amendment will stop them from changing the number of justices on the bench and preserve the independence of our judiciary. I am honored that FreedomWorks is highlighting our efforts in the Senate to protect one of the foundations of our democratic system.”